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How can we help one another, there must be a way we can all come together and share what we feel.


That is one of the important sides to recovery, yes I call it recovery because that is what you are going through. Your heart, body and mind have gone through massive trauma. Accept it and together we can move forward to forgiveness.


About me

It is ove nine years on for me now; I was 31 at the time. Not a day has
been missed without feeling the pain. For me it was very sudden and left me
with three young children. Life has moved on now and happiness has been found
again but the journey has been hard. What do you say to our 7 year old daughter , 5 year
old and an 9 month old sons who will only know photos and stories the words that
should never have to be spoken?


Your mum will not be with you anymore..


Please keep coming back to see what more has been written, should you have a
story to share please email me and I will add it to the memory board.




Alan Searle


E-mail: Thewidower@btinternet.com